Thanks to Steven Ward and ukactive for the thought provoking topics and inspiring speeches offered by some of Sport, Fitness, Government and Education’s industry leaders on what it means to address the issue of inactivity in the UK and more importantly, do something about it.

The clear message echoed by everyone in a position to take the microphone, which included the many experienced and opinionated audience members, is that for anyone offering a product or service designed to increase the heart rate, it is our collective duty to work together, collaboratively, to get the nation active.

It was a true delight to see so many delegates in a position of power from all areas of sports and fitness activity engaged and inspired to do their part.

Of the speeches I listened to, there were two statements from two engaging leaders that directly link to the functionality of fibodo and what it has always been designed to achieve;

From Lawrence Dallaglio OBE on the benefits of producing advertisements that create a sense of duty to get involved: campaigns like This Girl Can whilst hugely successful, lacked direction on exactly how to get active.

From the truly charismatic Sonia Wolsey-Cooper from AXA PPP, who provided an in depth review of just how low the cost of activity is comparison to the collective benefit both to employers and to the economy: it is the responsibility of every employer in the UK to promote the benefits of activity to their workforce, from signposting the number of steps to making a small contribution towards an activity.

As a statement to the industry, fibodo are here to make a difference, and to find every UK citizen an activity within walking distance, happening right now.

We are here to empower employers to tailor their wellness benefits, providing activities that suit their employees on an individual level.

We are here to expedite the work of advertising campaigns by helping their newly inspired and ready participants find the activities they so desperately want to get involved in.

And lastly but of huge importance, we are here to help anyone who has the qualification, time and willing to offer their services to energise the nation get up, get active, and achieve something life changing.

Megan Sowney, Commercial Director, fibodo

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