fibodo adds Trustpilot reviews for golf coaches to grow their businesses and increase participation

Golf coaches using fibodo, the award-winning booking management platform, will now be able to conveniently gain ratings and reviews from all their clients, empowering them to grow their businesses and driving further participation in golf.

fibodo is the first booking management platform to integrate Trustpilot into its software, so clients can read ratings and reviews, and then book coaches immediately, all in one place.  This is especially beneficial as research shows 93% of local consumers use reviews to determine if a local business is good or bad.

As 90% of consumers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews, golfers using fibodo can also share their ratings and reviews through social media, adverts, etc.  Plus, they can benefit from more than 3 billion reviews seen every month, across 200,000 online businesses, on the Trustpilot website.

Online reviews are a significant contributor to how Google rank local search results so, by increasing the reviews they receive, golf coaches are able to gain increased exposure in Google search results, enhancing their earning potential.

fibodo automatically sends an email to each client after they do their activity.  Clients then click a link from within the email and give their rating and review for their coach.  This simple process conveniently increases the number of reviews the coach gains, without any extra admin.

Anthony Franklin, a former PGA Golf pro, and the Founder and CEO of fibodo says: “Empowering golf pros to grow their business and increase participation rates is central to everything we do.  As Trustpilot is independent and the ‘go to’ brand for online reviews, we’re giving golf professionals a substantial business boost, enabling clients to book with complete trust, and should get more people playing golf.”

“fibodo enables golf coaches to easily demonstrate their expertise and trustworthiness to new and existing clients, whilst enabling clients to book there and then.“

Many of the features from the Trustpilot £149 per month package are included as part of the fibodo Essential and Accelerate packages, which start from just £9.99 per month.

Golf professionals who want to use fibodo and gain Trustpilot reviews should visit


About fibodo

fibodo (find it. book it. do it.) is the award-winning booking management platform used by sports and activity professionals (Hosts) to earn more and save time & hassle; whilst helping them to reach new audiences and increase revenue. Consumers can use fibodo to find, book and do over 250,000 activity sessions.

The fibodo booking management system is available to download and use for free; a standard and a professional plan are also available with additional features. The Essential plan, which comes with a customisable app, allows the PT or coach to engage with their clients seamlessly, whilst also reaching new audiences, costs just £9.99 per month.

How a Golfing Instructor can benefit from Twitter

Executive Summary

Twitter has a lot to offer a golfing instructor. In this post we will explore how you can set up a business page, what kind of posts you can create and how you can grow your Twitter follower numbers.

Introduction to Twitter

How to set up a business page / social account

Twitter Image Size Guide

How to use Twitter as a Golf Coach

How to get bookings with Twitter

Examples of Posts from Twitter


Introduction to Twitter

Twitter has over 336 million Monthly Active Users. It has slowly become a popular platform that has users such as celebrities, world leaders and CEOs. A lot of major cultural events have been covered on this channel and, for many, Twitter is a place where they get the majority of their news.

How to set up a business page/social account

When creating a Twitter account make sure you fill out as much information as you can to help your clients learn more about your golfing instructor business.

Twitter gives you 160 characters for your bio/description, try and focus on the most vital parts of your golfing instructor business.

Imagery is necessary to keep your brand recognisable.These could be images of you or your logo for your golfing instructor business. When choosing your profile image, consider using one that serves as a representation of your brand.

Twitter Image Size Guide

Profile Photo: 400 x 400px (Note: Profile Photos are circular so some cropping may occur)

Cover Photo: 1500 x 500px

Post: 440 x 220px

Video length: Max 2 minutes 20 seconds 

How to use Twitter as a Golf Coach

How it is effective

Since the introduction of the extended character limit on a tweet from 140 characters to 280 characters, you now have more space to write tweets and tell your audience about your golfing instructor business. 

Give your audience some insight so that your Twitter channel stands out from other golfing instructors. For example, you could offer some unique quick swing tips or techniques which you feel will help with putting. These examples provide  useful information for your clients and they will want to hear from you. These ideas could be presented in a video format or through photos.

Potential clients will want to see if your techniques work for your existing clients, so why not showcase your golfing skills by sharing them in a video format. You can demonstrate a certain type of skill which you believe is beneficial to beginners, intermediates or experts. Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing 2017 report found 79% of consumers now prefer video to text as a way to learn about a product, and 84% have been converted into buyers through a brand video.

41% of Twitter users favour Twitter as a way to discover video content. Therefore, your clients will want to see their progress. Video could be a perfect way to showcase this idea on your Twitter feed. Not only does this benefit your existing clients but shows potential clients how your methods help golfers no matter what their level of expertise.

When creating videos for your Twitter channel, consider the following:

  • Use video to define a problem.
  • Discuss solutions.
  • Support others.

How to get the most out of it

Your existing clients and potential clients will want to know what you are doing to keep on top of your game. If you attend trade shows that help you to discover new golf equipment or talks on the golfing industry, use this to your advantage and tell your audience what you have learned from the conference, and which new products you recommend.

You could host a Q&A session-there might be common questions you are asked during sessions or via social media which you could answer in a Q&A session on your Twitter account. When replying to your clients make sure you include their Twitter handle so they are notified when they are mentioned.

Twitter gives better access to interacting with your audience. Take this as a chance to communicate with your clients by liking their posts and commenting on posts that mention you in them. This is a great way to stay communicated with your clients or potential clients.

How to get bookings with Twitter

As a golf coach, you’ll want to use Twitter to promote your availability and get booked.  There are two main ways you can do this effectively.

Firstly, the fibodo booking management software enables you to take bookings 24/7.  As part of the fibodo subscription you get web pages and apps for people to book you.  So, simply add your fibodo web page URL onto your Twitter bio and you can increase the bookings you get.

Secondly, as a golf pro, you’re recommended to spend 1-2 minutes each day on fibodo sharing your last-minute availability onto Twitter.  Your Twitter followers will then be able to click on your tweets, go straight to your fibodo page and book your sessions.

Examples of Posts from Twitter

Good Examples 

Your Golf Travel


When creating content for their Twitter feed, Your Golf Travel produce a variety of content. They post their own articles and questions to their audience. Their feed is unique and they experiment with new content on their feed.

 When promoting their articles they frequently set intrigue into an article by asking a specific question that relates to the article. So if the article is about a golfing destination then they would ask a question centered around an interesting fact about that place, then mention that you can find out a lot more if you read the article.

Your Golf Travel actively get their audience to participate in their posts on Twitter. As you can see in the example above, they asked their audience to Retweet the post if they thought they should go for the green or to Like the post if they thought they should play safely to the right. This then resulted in some replies from their audience on their thoughts on the post.

Key Takeaways

  • When writing posts promoting an article, consider setting a little intrigue for the audience so they know what they might expect when they read the article.
  • Develop posts that get your audience involved in the conversation. Once you get answers to your questions, you can create a new post that reveals the correct answer.
  • Experiment with content that suits your golfing instructor business. The more you experiment the more you will discover what works well for you and what content resonates best with your audience.

Bad Examples

Golfing Magazine

Key Takeaways

  • Only use one call to action link on your post. If you add more than one than your audience maybe uncertain on what link to click on to receive an offer or insight.
  • Maybe set some intrigue for the link you are providing. Add more context into what your audience can expect when clicking on the link provided.


To create a successful Twitter feed as a golf pro, use Twitter to offer golfing advice to your audience and interact with your audience. Showcase client stories and use it to highlight what makes you stand out from the competition.

 Need some inspiration for what to post on Twitter? Then follow us on Twitter

You can sign up with fibodo  for your golf coaching business and get going today.

AoC Sport Fitness Trainer Competition Winner Interview

fibodo: What got you into fitness and importantly, PT?

Louise: Keeping fit was always a passion of mine especially in endurance sports, and although I never worked in the industry, my working circumstances changed and I moved from London to Cornwall.

I kept on my consultancy business within the international charity sector, but with the move, I felt like I wanted to try something new. Cornwall is a beautiful area with a real sense of community, so I decided to risk it, follow my passion and take a course in Personal Training.

fibodo: Why did you choose to go to college instead of a private training provider?

Louise: I reviewed the courses offered by private training providers in comparison to Cornwall College, and felt as someone that learns from seeing and practicing, going to college would suit my learning style. I like being in groups trying different things so the two day week offered by the college meant I got full, hands on experience while I was learning.

In retrospect, I can’t thank the tutors enough – they were so supportive of me throughout my college experience, and they were great at offering bolt on training which meant I got a blended understanding of various environments including gym, studio exercise, and outdoors.

fibodo: Who put you forward for the competition and why?

Louise: My tutor was Claire Atterbury, and she was keen to raise awareness of the competition due to her prior experience as a judge. Claire encouraged me to apply, which was pretty daunting given that I have two children and was still running my consulting business.

Nonetheless she persisted and encouraged me to take the plunge – and I’m so glad I did.

fibodo: Was the competition a positive experience?

Louise: Let’s be clear – the application and competition process is tough going and takes commitment, but the confidence and expertise I have gained throughout has made it so worth the effort. I’m still buzzing from the experience and all of my current clients have been so supportive of my win.

I feel like the competition has absolutely confirmed that I made the right decision to pursue fitness as a career. One thing I would say about the competition is that it’s a package so much opportunity associated with it – especially for those in the final. AoC Sport and the World Skills competition team work hard to connect finalists and applicants to their network of partners which gives all of us competing the opportunity to either gain employment – like some of the past finalists – or to have the right network to support us in growing our own businesses.

fibodo: What did it feel like to win?

Louise: Exciting! The medal presentation ceremony was so big that I felt almost like a rock star.  I feel such overwhelming gratitude for the support of friends and family and the encouragement I received from the team at Cornwall College, and would promote the competition to everyone. During the final, there was such a variation of tasks that it felt rigorous, but very fair as the assessment criteria is made available to all competitors so you can review and plan your PT session and do some prep for the tasks, meaning the process of winning felt justified as we all started on a level playing field.

fibodo: What are your aspirations for your fitness business?

Louise: I love the combination of individual PT and group sessions so I’m splitting my time accordingly with a view to expanding my group training offering – into Ante and Post Natal. According to REPs, only 5.5% of qualified PTs go on to take an additional qualification in Ante/Post Natal, and as a mum myself, I recognise the importance of these classes in helping new mums get back to their desired physique and feel healthy. More than that, classes significantly help with confidence and stress management as they provide a brief relief from full time parenting! It’s my goal to help new mums build confidence in both body and mind.

Louise is being supported by fibodo post-win to help gain traction with her business by taking online bookings and growing her client network organically. You can see and book using her newly created profile here:

AoC Sport and fibodo partnership enables more fitness students to enjoy successful careers

AoC Sport has agreed an exciting partnership with fibodo that will see students at AoC Sport member colleges receive free access to the new fibodo e-learning course ‘Grow Your Coaching Business’ (worth £60).

Course tutors and lecturers will be able to offer the course to help educate and inspire students who study up to a Level 4 qualification on best business practice and operating effectively online in order to develop successful careers in the fitness sector.

fibodo, AoC Sport’s Tech for Business partner, have created this CIMSPA-accredited e-learning course, which is worth three CPD points, and takes approximately four hours to complete.

The course is designed to be integrated within the college’s existing programme, and teaches students how to successfully run their own coaching business, including useful, practical advice on:

  • How to grow their client list
  • How to use a range of software for their business
  • How to gather and use client testimonials
  • How to efficiently manage their business admin

AoC Sport Managing Director, Marcus Kingwell said: “We have been working with fibodo for some time in the WorldSkills UK Fitness Trainer Competition and have been impressed with their offer.

“We are now introducing the course to all our member colleges as part of our vision to boost the employability of students.

“This new training course will help to address the lack of business skills of newly-qualified personal trainers, as identified in Future Fit Training’s Raising the Bar report earlier this year.”

Megan Sowney, Commercial Director at fibodo, said: “fibodo is passionate about empowering sports and activity professionals at the grassroots level.  We are delighted that we will be able to give course tutors and lecturers a vital resource that will inspire and empower even more students to gain the knowledge and skills that are essential to achieving successful businesses within the sector.

“Having worked with the AoC Sport team as a sponsor of the WorldSkills UK competition, we have already delivered true value to college leavers.”

To see how fibodo helps students and graduates build their businesses online, you can view Louise Wilson (winner of WorldSkills UK Fitness Trainer Competition) on fibodo at

To learn more about the course or to offer the course to your students for free, simply email or call 0207 043 0043.


Notes for editors

About AoC Sport

AoC Sport is the lead organisation for sport and physical activity in colleges. A subsidiary company of the Association of Colleges, AoC Sport’s vision is every student participating regularly in sport or physical activity, to achieve significant benefits in terms of education, employment and health.

For more information please contact

About fibodo

fibodo (find it. book it. do it.) is the first fully-customisable booking management platform that connects sports and activity professionals (Hosts) with clients; saving hours of administration and reducing costs, whilst helping them to reach new audiences and increase revenue. Consumers can use fibodo to find, book and do over 250,000 activity sessions.

The fibodo booking management system is available to download and use for free; a standard and a professional plan are also available with additional features. The Essential plan, which comes with a customisable app, allows the PT or coach to engage with their clients seamlessly, whilst also reaching new audiences, costs just £9.99 per month.

How a Golfing Instructor can benefit from Instagram

Executive Summary

Instagram has a lot to offer a Golfing Instructor. In this post we will explore how you can set up a business page, what kind of posts you can create and how you can grow your follower numbers.

Introduction to Instagram

How to set up a business page / social account

Instagram Image Size Guide

How to use Instagram as a Golfing Instructor

How to get bookings with Instagram

Examples of Posts from Instagram 


Introduction to Instagram

Instagram has over 1 billion Monthly Active Users. The photo based sharing site has, after much debate, released a very similar feature to SnapChat called Instagram Stories. Following this introduction, Instagram has enjoyed substantial growth and keeps on growing year on year.

How to set up a business page/social account

Instagram offers you the advantage of setting up a business page. You will then have access to Instagram Insights, which gives you a more in-depth understanding of your audience; for example, their location and the days they are most active. You also have the option to add a contact button, where you can include either an email, telephone number or an address.

To set up a profile follow the on-screen instructions. Please consider highlighting the key points of your golfing instructor business for your Instagram bio as you will have only 150 characters. Plus, choose a profile photo and description that best represents your brand.

Instagram Image Size Guide

Profile Photo: 400 x 400px

Post: 1080 x 1080px

Video length: Min 15 seconds Max 60 seconds

How to use Instagram as a Golfing Instructor

Instagram is known as a photo and short video sharing platform. It is therefore a brilliant platform to keep your clients in touch with your golfing instructor business.

Video is slowly becoming the leading form of delivering content on Instagram. Instagram videos get twice as much engagement as photos when compared to other social media platforms. To benefit from this, you could create videos that show your golfing tips on how to hold your putter correctly or how to use a certain technique when at a beginner level.

You can also share content that centres around your clients progress. As soon as your existing clients or potential clients come across your feed they will get a visual understanding of your golfing instructor business.

Posts containing or featuring user generated content has a 4.5% higher conversion rate than non-user generated content posts. Your clients are therefore the best source of content for your Instagram feed. To achieve this, you could produce posts centred around your clients progress, presenting ‘before’ and ‘after’ post using videos or photos.  

Instagram Stories 

80% of all daily active Instagram users watch Stories as often as they’re checking their feed, so we suggest that you post Stories to connect with them. Content that you produce on your feed can always be repurposed to fit Instagram Stories, where you want to elaborate on a topic.

Stories is used to post less-polished content. Here are some ideas of what you can post on Instagram Stories:

  • If you mentioned that you attended a golfing trade show, you could post real-time content whilst at the show. You can then offer your opinions on what you have learnt and seen at the show.

  • Share photos of your club in the morning or during the day so your audience can see how it looks everyday according to the seasons.

  • Repurpose video content you already post on your feed to fit Instagram Stories.

  • Share your golfing tips for any level of golfing expertise, this could be presented via images or video.

 Get to know your audience better by asking them to post questions via the questions feature on Instagram Stories. You can reply to the questions by placing their question on the story and including your answer as either text or video. This is ideal if you get asked a lot of questions during your sessions or via social media.

How to get bookings with Instagram

 As a golf coach, you’ll want to use Instagram to promote your availability and encourage your clients to book you on fibodo, the booking management platform.

As a Host on fibodo, you’ll be able to take bookings 24/7. As part of your subscription you get web pages and apps for people to book you. So, simply add your fibodo web page URL onto your Instagram bio and you can increase the bookings you get.

Examples of Posts from Instagram

Good Examples

Me and My Golf

They offer so much insight into golfing techniques via either video or photo through their Instagram feed. They always offer insightful information on tech and tips for golfers via video format. When posting content they always have a clear call to action on the post; for example, whether that is a link to an article or details of a competition.

In the post above you can get some great advice on how to use a training aid when playing golf and hitting your swings. They make you aware of how not to swing your shot and how the training aid can help you. The description of the post also gives some more context on what the video teaches.

Key Takeaways

  • Make sure you add a clear call to action on posts, for example instructing followers to view an article or participate in the comments.

  • Offer valuable advice on what you can offer as a golfing instructor. You might have a technique that works the best for your clients, in which case share this in a video or photo.

Bad Examples

Par Verlag

Key Takeaways

  • Don’t use too many hashtags on your Instagram posts. It is best to stick to 8-10 hashtags on a post. Use hashtags that relate to your post such as “#instagolf” or “golfpro”, not “followforfollow” or “likeforlike” as these type of hashtags only generate likes from irrelevant accounts.

  • Make sure you use images which are taken by you and not taken without permission. You will want to generate content that is authentic to you.


Instagram has many features for businesses which you can take advantage of. There is always something which can help your Golfing Instructor business grow. Find what works for you and, in the meantime, try to experiment with posts.

Need some inspiration for what to post on Instagram? Then follow us on Instagram

You can sign up with fibodo for your golfing instructor business and get going today.

The value of CPD in the fitness profession

What do Personal Trainers, Doctors, Teachers and Dentists all have in common?

They command instant authority, credibility and respect which ensures we listen to them and follow their instructions.

As a Personal Trainer, you’ve demonstrated substantial commitment to turning your dream into a reality: You’ve gained the qualifications you need, you’ve started your career, and built up a good list of clients and are working hard to helping them achieve their goals.

However, your business is critical to your future so it’s worth taking a few minutes to think about how your business is progressing, how you’re achieving your clients’ goals, and whether your business is helping you to achieve your personal and financial goals.

And, having given it some thought, when you want to progress, what path should you take?

Education doesn’t stop after receiving your Level 2, 3 or 4 qualification…

For any serious professional who wants to achieve success and be considered a fitness expert, education is an ongoing journey.

How do you gain the knowledge you need in an effective and efficient manner?

CPD (Continued Professional Development) training is the perfect form as you can gain valuable skills without the need to commit to months of expensive, time-consuming, full-time study. Indeed, many CPD courses can be completed through e-learning courses; fitting in between your existing clients, over just a few days – and some CPD courses are free.

As the pace of change speeds up, it’s imperative that PTs are up to date with the latest tools and techniques. And this means regularly reviewing what new core fitness skills you’d like to gain, what new skills can help your business – always considering how you’d like your career to be over the coming years.

By topping up your knowledge with specific, specialist knowledge, CPD courses help keep the trainer at the peak of their game – ensuring they know the latest information and techniques to help their clients. Without this knowledge, trainers risk getting left behind, with their clients taking their business to more knowledgeable and committed trainers.

CPD courses, just like any form of study and qualification, should deliver a tangible reward for you, your clients or your business, now or in the future. Remembering this when looking at the array of CPD courses available can help you choose the right course at the right time for you and your business.

As the saying goes, knowledge is power, and CPD gives you the knowledge!

fibodo have created a CPD course, Grow Your Coaching Business, that has been accredited by CIMSPA and is worth 3 CPD points. This course has been specifically designed to help fitness professionals who want a successful coaching business, make a difference to clients’ lives, and to earn a good income. More details are available at