Building a better business

Anthony Franklin, fibodo founder and CEO, explains how being a successful PT is about more than just core fitness skills and good intentions – to really make a difference, fitness professionals need useful business skills

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, PTs and coaches are always looking for ways to stand out and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Knowing your stuff and being a great trainer – in the past this was enough to make a go of it. But a successful fitness trainer nowadays needs broader skills to engage clients and get the most from their passion. 

anthony franklin

Often PTs and coaches have invested everything they have to develop their businesses, in an effort to forge successful careers. But they aren’t being taught vital business skills and, until this changes, our industry will continue to lose great fitness professionals.

To address this skills gap fibodo, in partnership with FitPro, has created a CIMSPA-accredited e-learning course, worth 3 CPD points. The ‘Grow Your Coaching Business’ course is designed to equip PTs and coaches with the knowledge to successfully sell their time. It teaches business essentials and best practice on insurance, consumer trends, attracting new clients, selling time and maximising earning potential. It also covers useful tools including Facebook, Instagram, TrustPilot and Hootsuite, and how new software like fibodo’s fully-customisable booking management platform can help fitness professionals get booked and paid, and grow their business.

Building a better business

To further empower PTs and sports coaches, fibodo has also joined forces with workforce benefits platform, WRKIT. Fitness professionals registered on fibodo will automatically promote spare capacity with over 200,000 potential new clients.

WRKIT’s Activity Hub, powered by fibodo, will be supported by and made available to the employees of 200 companies including the NHS, FedEx, E.On and AECOM. From 5th November, employees from all of these companies will be able to find, book and do activities with personal trainers and sports coaches.

Immediate access to such a huge number of potential new clients that are actively seeking their expertise, combined with a better grounding in the business skills needed to effectively sell your time, will enable PTs and coaches to achieve a significant increase in client volume and income – without any additional marketing or set-up costs.