The Culture, Innovation & Sustainability Project

The Culture Innovation Sustainability Project

fibodo is delighted to be chosen as the fulfillment partner for  Engage International’s “Culture, Innovation & Sustainability Project” – encouraging varied and unique volunteering experiences in the workforce.

We have an opportunity prepare for the future while also trying to make it better. People go to work for many reasons, to earn money, to better themselves, to have a sense of belonging or to work towards a common purpose.  If we can create meaningful experiences that enable people to develop themselves, while contributing to creating a more sustainable society, it will be one of the most valuable gifts an employer can give.

James Murphy,
Founder, Engage International

Running volunteering programmes can be very time-consuming needing a lot of intervention by a few people who know how things work. Technology should be an enabling and time-saving tool – we see it being used to promote, drive and measure volunteering. With fibodo you can identify and promote volunteering that is likely to be of interest. fibodo offers relevant information to the volunteer, whether this be at the office, home, mobile – or whenever the inspirational calls.

Anthony Franklin,
Founder, fibodo