Get more clients. Create Offers.

Move your clients online and get them to book you.

From our experience, a first-time booking discount (e.g. 20%) has the biggest impact in getting people to download your booking app and set up their online profiles.  It takes your clients less than 2 minutes to do this and they’ll then immediately begin to enjoy the benefits of easy bookings.

Once done, your clients then have the ability to share and recommend you to their network. Research shows us that 77% of people are happy to recommend you.  So remember to ask them to share your profile as this will begin growing your customer numbers.

Choose the type of offer you want to make available to your clients and press Create New Offer (TIP: First time booking is the most successful offer for generating new business)

Offers that you can create from your fibodo dashboard:

  • % discount
  • Money off
  • X activities for the price of Y activities
  • X activities for a set price of Y
  • Early bird discount
  • Last-minute discount