How a Golfing Instructor can benefit from Instagram

How a Golfing Instructor can benefit from Instagram

Executive Summary

Instagram has a lot to offer a Golfing Instructor. In this post we will explore how you can set up a business page, what kind of posts you can create and how you can grow your follower numbers.


Introduction to Instagram

Instagram has over 1 billion Monthly Active Users. The photo based sharing site has, after much debate, released a very similar feature to SnapChat called Instagram Stories. Following this introduction, Instagram has enjoyed substantial growth and keeps on growing year on year.


How to set up a business page/social account

Instagram offers you the advantage of setting up a business page. You will then have access to Instagram Insights, which gives you a more in-depth understanding of your audience; for example, their location and the days they are most active. You also have the option to add a contact button, where you can include either an email, telephone number or an address.

To set up a profile follow the on-screen instructions. Please consider highlighting the key points of your golfing instructor business for your Instagram bio as you will have only 150 characters. Plus, choose a profile photo and description that best represents your brand.


Instagram Image Size Guide

Profile Photo: 400 x 400px

Post: 1080 x 1080px

Video length: Min 15 seconds Max 60 seconds


How to use Instagram as a Golfing Instructor

Instagram is known as a photo and short video sharing platform. It is therefore a brilliant platform to keep your clients in touch with your golfing instructor business.

Video is slowly becoming the leading form of delivering content on Instagram. Instagram videos get twice as much engagement as photos when compared to other social media platforms. To benefit from this, you could create videos that show your golfing tips on how to hold your putter correctly or how to use a certain technique when at a beginner level.

You can also share content that centres around your clients progress. As soon as your existing clients or potential clients come across your feed they will get a visual understanding of your golfing instructor business.

Posts containing or featuring user generated content has a 4.5% higher conversion rate than non-user generated content posts. Your clients are therefore the best source of content for your Instagram feed. To achieve this, you could produce posts centred around your clients progress, presenting ‘before’ and ‘after’ post using videos or photos.  


Instagram Stories 

80% of all daily active Instagram users watch Stories as often as they’re checking their feed, so we suggest that you post Stories to connect with them. Content that you produce on your feed can always be repurposed to fit Instagram Stories, where you want to elaborate on a topic.

Stories is used to post less-polished content. Here are some ideas of what you can post on Instagram Stories:

  • If you mentioned that you attended a golfing trade show, you could post real-time content whilst at the show. You can then offer your opinions on what you have learnt and seen at the show.
  • Share photos of your club in the morning or during the day so your audience can see how it looks everyday according to the seasons.
  • Repurpose video content you already post on your feed to fit Instagram Stories.
  • Share your golfing tips for any level of golfing expertise, this could be presented via images or video.

Get to know your audience better by asking them to post questions via the questions feature on Instagram Stories. You can reply to the questions by placing their question on the story and including your answer as either text or video. This is ideal if you get asked a lot of questions during your sessions or via social media.


How to get bookings with Instagram

As a golf coach, you’ll want to use Instagram to promote your availability and encourage your clients to book you on fibodo, the booking management platform.

As a Host on fibodo, you’ll be able to take bookings 24/7. As part of your subscription you get web pages and apps for people to book you. So, simply add your fibodo web page URL onto your Instagram bio and you can increase the bookings you get.


Examples of Posts from Instagram

Good Examples

Me and My Golf

How a Golfing Instructor can benefit from Instagram

They offer so much insight into golfing techniques via either video or photo through their Instagram feed. They always offer insightful information on tech and tips for golfers via video format. When posting content they always have a clear call to action on the post; for example, whether that is a link to an article or details of a competition.

In the post above you can get some great advice on how to use a training aid when playing golf and hitting your swings. They make you aware of how not to swing your shot and how the training aid can help you. The description of the post also gives some more context on what the video teaches.


Key Takeaways

  • Make sure you add a clear call to action on posts, for example instructing followers to view an article or participate in the comments.
  • Offer valuable advice on what you can offer as a golfing instructor. You might have a technique that works the best for your clients, in which case share this in a video or photo.

Bad Examples

Par Verlag

How a Golfing Instructor can benefit from Instagram

Key Takeaways

  • Don’t use too many hashtags on your Instagram posts. It is best to stick to 8-10 hashtags on a post. Use hashtags that relate to your post such as “#instagolf” or “golfpro”, not “followforfollow” or “likeforlike” as these type of hashtags only generate likes from irrelevant accounts.
  • Make sure you use images which are taken by you and not taken without permission. You will want to generate content that is authentic to you.



Instagram has many features for businesses which you can take advantage of. There is always something which can help your Golfing Instructor business grow. Find what works for you and, in the meantime, try to experiment with posts.

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