How a Personal Trainer can benefit from Facebook

How a Personal Trainer can benefit from Facebook

Executive Summary

Facebook has a lot to offer a Personal Trainer. In this post we will explore how you can set up a business page, what kind of posts you can create and what you should try and do on your page.


Introduction to Facebook

Facebook has over 2.1 billion Monthly Active Users and is still one of the largest social networks out there. Monthly Active Users continue to rise by 15% year on year and are expected to keep on growing over the next few years.


How to set up a business page/social account

First of all you will need a Facebook profile in order to set up a Facebook page. You will have a few options to choose from when setting up a Facebook page. In the case of a Personal Trainer you will need to choose the Business or Brand option.

You will need to choose a name for your page and add vital information such as an address and website.

Start to fill up your page with a description and overview of who you are. For ease and continuity, you may wish to use the same text that appears in your “About Me” section from your website.

Add a profile photo, which can always be a photo of you or your a logo. It is also worthwhile making sure you have clear branding or imagery that represents your brand placed on your cover photo.


Facebook Image Size Guide

Profile Photo: Max 2048 x 2048px Min 761 x 761px
Cover Photo: Max 1958 x 745px Min 820 x 312px
Post: Max 2048 x 2048px Min 492 x 761px
Link Photo: 1200 x 628px
Video length: 45 minutes


How to use Facebook as a Personal Trainer

How it is effective
As previously mentioned Facebook is one of the top leading social media platforms. Facebook releases many features for business pages to use, which can allow you to get the most out of it.

What you post onto your Facebook page may be different to what you post on Twitter and Instagram. You could post video on your Facebook Page or post photos.

Video is slowly becoming the leading form of content being produced on this platform, with people now watching more video on Facebook than YouTube, (47% watch video on Facebook and 41% watch video on YouTube.)

You could use video to capture footage of the training sessions with the client’s permission. This footage can be captured on your smartphone device, and be posted directly to Facebook. Why not capture footage to keep as a log of your client’s progress; this could be added to your Facebook Page to show how your teaching actual leads to impressive results.

How to get the most out of it
Facebook recommended producing content that comes across as authentic and which starts a conversation.

Post on a frequent basis and don’t be afraid to post every day of the week. Facebook who recommend mentioned that you can post a variety of content such as text posts, image posts, and video post or link posts. Find a type of content that works best for you and your audience. If you think about creating video posts then consider that Facebook actually recommends creating videos as short as 15 seconds long. Start to think about getting the message across in the first few seconds of the video.

We encourage you to communicate with your audience via the comments. This is perfect to keep a long-term relationship via Facebook. It is also said that personalized messages are more satisfying to the receiver than a simple “Like”.

Keep track of your analytics via the insights tab to see how well your content is performing on Facebook. Study what days work best for the channel, what posts generate more comments, likes and shares, and what isn’t working well and then do more of what’s successful.


How to get bookings with Facebook

As a personal trainer, you’ll want to use Facebook to promote your availability and encourage your clients to book you on fibodo, the booking management platform. There are two main ways you can do this effectively.

Firstly, you should add a ‘Book Now’ button onto your Facebook page. You can then link this button directly to your fibodo profile page URL so your Facebook followers can easily book you 24/7.

Secondly, as a golf pro, you’re recommended to spend 1-2 minutes each day on fibodo sharing your last-minute availability onto Facebook. Your Facebook followers will then be able to click on your posts, go straight to your fibodo page and book your sessions.


Examples of Posts from Facebook

Good Examples
CrossFitHow a Personal Trainer can benefit from Facebook

CrossFit  has a really heart warming Facebook feed. They share so many stories from their different clients all over the US. The post above was one of our favourites, and it has a great way of conveying emotion through a simple post about the growth of an individual. The post above to note as well actually has 1.7K reactions on it, which seems to be their best post over the last few months. Social Media is a perfect place to share stories about people and, it is said that content which conveys meaning may actually make people want to return back to you. Not only do they share stories about their clients but also post content around workout techniques and provide links for further information.

Key Takeaways
• Your client’s success stories are a great place to start for generating content on your Facebook feed.
• Your audience will want to know what types of workouts you offer so why not showcase your techniques via photo or video.
• You can always share content from your blog or links to articles that are relevant to your sport.


Bad Examples

Espinoza FitnessHow a Personal Trainer can benefit from Facebook

Key Takeaways
• Try not to use an image which is taken from Google images, and you don’t actually own. You can easily create motivational posts via online image editing tools.
• This account tried to tag in a few people, make sure you correctly do this. Otherwise the person you want to tag won’t be notified and might miss out on the post.



Facebook has a lot to offer for a Personal Trainer and it’s a fantastic place to set up your business. Reach out to a huge audience and take advantage of the opportunity to create some engaging posts to your clients. Need some inspiration for what to post on Facebook? Then follow us on Facebook  You can sign up with fibodo  for your personal training business and get going today.