How a Personal Trainer can benefit from LinkedIn

How a Personal Trainer can benefit from LinkedIn

Executive Summary
LinkedIn has a lot to offer a Personal Trainer. In this post we will explore how you can set up a business page, what kind of posts you can create and what you can do on your page, to help grow the number of followers you have.

Introduction to LinkedIn
How to set up a business page / social account
LinkedIn Image Size Guide
How to use LinkedIn as a Personal Trainer
Examples of Posts from LinkedIn

Introduction to Linkedin

Linkedin has over 294 Million Monthly Active Users and is primarily a business-networking platform. You may have used this to connect with professionals in your sector or colleagues you have worked with before.

How to set up a business page/social account

You will need to have a Linkedin profile set up before you create a company page. After setting up your profile, click on “Work” at the bottom of the screen, then select “Create a Company Page”. From here, simply follow the on-screen instructions on how to set up a “Company Page”.

You have real freedom on how long the description of your company will be. As well as adding a profile photo, you can also add a Cover Photo on Linkedin so it’s often best to choose one which best represents your brand.

Linkedin Image Size Guide

Profile Photo: 400px x 400px
Cover Photo: 1536px x 768px
Post: 562px x 368px
Video length: Min 3 seconds.  Max 10 minutes

How to use LinkedIn as a Personal Trainer

LinkedIn is the most professional social media site, so you might not share the same content as you would on your other social channels. With LinkedIn, you could focus on connecting to other personal trainers in your industry.

It might feel like a link heavy sharing site, but you may have seen more videos and image posts appear on your LinkedIn feed. It could be an option to post images of what you are doing to keep on top of your business.

You could showcase images of your workspace and explain how you run your business, which might interest your audience.

Link Sharing
You don’t have to always share articles that you create. Why not post articles from other sources that would benefit your followers? It will show that you are actually taking the time to recommend useful resources to your audience, and demonstrate that you are aware of what is happening in the fitness sector.

Much like with other platforms, video is becoming a hugely popular form of content to share. Your videos could be on how you run your Personal Trainer business or on, sharing some advice or tips on how you run your sessions effectively.

Examples of Posts from LinkedIn

Good ExamplesHow a Personal Trainer can benefit from LinkedIn

Equinox generally posts a lot of links to their LinkedIn page about the fitness industry. The links and posts that Equinox adds can give you a better understanding of what the business is like with information on what Equinox offers for its clients.

Key Takeaways
● Think about the fact your LinkedIn audience will be different to the audience that follows you on the other social channels. So, cater your content to that specific audience.

Bad Examples
Fitness World

How a Personal Trainer can benefit from LinkedIn

Key Takeaways
● Make sure the images you have on the link are relevant to what you want to address in the post.
● Provide a caption if you are sharing a link, so that the audience can understand what they are going to read. It is always best to add some context.


LinkedIn can be channel where you share a lot more posts related to your personal trainer business and how you run it. Experiment with the type of posts you put on LinkedIn.

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