It’s time we gave PTs and coaches a fighting chance

Megan Sowney, Commercial Director, fibodo

As an industry, we’ve always known how well-placed we are to tackle the ever-spiralling issues of inactivity and obesity, and in doing so help prevent the myriad of associated health problems.

But we can’t be truly instrumental in affecting change, and turning the tide of inactivity, until we start supporting, and helping to develop the careers of our PTs and coaches. At no point, in any of the countless training courses and degrees running around the country, are we teaching students what it means to run your own business. Or how to make a successful career – and a living wage – out of their newly-acquired skills.

Every newly-graduated PT or sports coach is full of knowledge, expertise and passion, with most desperate to make a difference. They should be selling their time to earn money. However they’re not given basic business skills or the knowledge. Is it any wonder PT attrition rates across this industry are woeful? It takes four to six weeks to qualify as a Level 3 PT and I was once told in another four to six weeks most new recruits have left the industry, taking their raw talent with them.

fibodo in partnership with FitPro, has created a CIMSPA-accredited e-learning course ‘Grow Your Coaching Business’, worth 3 CPD points. This course is designed to fill the skills gap and give PTs and coaches the knowledge to successfully run their own business, using easy-to-use technology and software to attract and retain clients. Our ultimate aim is that every training provider and university should be offering business and technology skills as part of their courses.

People use tech every day. We’re never without our phones. Utilising technology, having an online presence – it’s the ‘now’ for any aspiring trainer, successful PT or coaching business. Imagine if each newly trained PT or coach made a go of their business and, in doing so, encouraged 10 new clients to exercise… just think about the nationwide effect it could have.