Just doing it..

Its widely known through a growing volume of research that being active can help improve our mental and physical health as well as fostering a sense of community and belonging amongst any workforce.

Two big barriers, closely linked, linger – 1) the company’s true culture towards health and well-being of their people and 2) the challenge we as individuals face in how to best get started through finding something that’s ‘right for me’.

For organisations and for individuals finding a starting point can be a significant factor in following through with well-being ambitions.

Just doing it

For organisations, having a well-being strategy, it is potentially seen, by some as a hefty task to develop and commit for a company to create a strategy behind such a big, wide ranging topic as well-being, with a multitude of stakeholder opinions. Kicking it into the long grass for next year has its attractions, where its seen as a nice to have rather than in integral part of business as usual. Perhaps riding into town waving a well-being banner is not the best approach, perhaps just getting started in a smart way can create the traction and momentum to encourage and create the desired change.

Adding to perceptions around the size of the task is how the working environment is evolving and how new technology is developing. The likes of google hangouts, intranet sharing husband more and more ‘At Office Delivery’ of food, services and goods is pinning us to our desks, even during a lunch break. Surly there are opportunities to use online to get offline and outside the office?

Greater help with more ideas, opportunities and access to just getting started with an activity, alone or with friends, family of colleagues could be the key to healthier minds and bodies. Just picking and activity to be active with our body or mind, learn something new or rekindle an old skill could be that ‘great place to start’.

Are we looking at the territory of well-being in the workplace from the wrong direction…. just getting started with an activity might be the answer.

Next week – ‘Culture of permission – walking the wellbeing talk’