Just pay me… please!

Just pay me please

Imagine a world where every client pays on time, every time. A world free of those awkward calls about cancellation fees after another client no-show. Now imagine your very own personal assistant, one that fits perfectly in your pocket, collects payments on time and deals with cancellations – all without you having to lift a finger. Would you be in? We think so.

Running your business using fibodo means less sweat over the biggest pain points in trainers and coaches – that ongoing song and dance when it comes to collecting payments and cancellations. On fibodo, when a client books a session with you, our automated system takes payment upfront at the time of booking and only refunds a client that doesn’t show up in line with your cancellation policy, saving you hassle, time and energy. Win, win!

We built fibodo to make life easier and solve problems for trainers and coaches.

It can be really hard when you’ve developed a personal relationship with a client to charge them for a missed session if they haven’t remembered to cancel within 24 hours. Often trainers and coaches just allow clients to rebook, and don’t charge, so they lose out and don’t maximise their earning potential. fibodo removes that problem and does all the admin – it’s totally hassle free. The platform also automatically processes customer refunds, if for whatever reason the coach has to cancel.

As fibodo Chairman and JJB Sports’ former
CEO Tom Knight, explains,

Better still, this tranquil picture of the world is absolutely free, so if you haven’t already, sign up with fibodo for your business and get going today.