Manage your clients on fibodo

This summary takes you through the Client feature of fibodo.

What can you do in the Clients tab?

Invite, find and contact your clients. 

Plus, add notes to client records and send clients relevant documents.

Invite clients

To invite clients to book you online, you can either add their email address individually or upload a .CSV file.  On fibodo you can then write an email to your clients inviting them to book you online or send one of our pre-written templates.

Manage documents

You can store documents to send out to your clients (for example, medical questionnaires, PAR-Q forms, meal plans and workout plans).

Manage client notes and details

To find a client, simply start typing their name in the search box.  You can also filter by clients who already follow you or who have been invited to follow you. When found, you can add notes to your clients’ record, view and edit their contact details and send them documents.


The Clients tab of fibodo makes it easier to manage your clients.  To find out more, please call us on 0207 043 0043.