Walking the well-being talk

Walking the well-being talk

For many organisation money remains a significant barrier to fully embracing health and wellbeing in the workplace. Perceptions around costs and a struggle to measure and report on ROI appear as standout factors. Is there a work around based on weaving health and wellbeing into the very fabric of the organisation? Perhaps the key lies creating a culture of permission through a series of small steps that walk the wellbeing talk. 

It can start with management, walking the well-being talk to give ‘permission’ to be active in and around the workplace. Team managers can play two big roles in improving the health and well-being of organisations. Firstly, they can set examples for ‘social proof’, where team members feel it is ok to be getting out and being active during the working day. Secondly, if provided with appropriate training and have the right skills and attributes, team managers are there to temperature check the ongoing health of their team. Do they notice micro changes and can they appropriately act on emerging issues around mental health?

Facilities and technology can also start playing more of a part as well as HR’s benefit packages offering real choice with mind and body activities rather than just gym and snack.

Facilities can commit to providing decent well-maintained showers and the right privacy – not having to trudging through the office in your gym kit or buried in the basement carpark.

Tech can play their part too. Re-framing technology for offline support rather than greater tethering of employees to their desk, whether its office or remotely based. Real support with local access to a selection box of opportunities not just a tick box on the back of a pension package.

Here’s to less talk less, and more walk.