Why Company Sports Schemes Can Fall at the Last Hurdle

Health, wealth and wisdom have been inextricably linked since nursery school and today few self-respecting corporations lack a sports or fitness employee offering. From occasional summer softball outings to a fully blown gym or health plan membership, employees have never had so many wellness options to choose from.

These sorts of schemes represent a significant investment on behalf of employers – so why is it so many of them really don’t engage employees in quite the way they should? More often than not the answer is, quite simply, not enough people know about the opportunities open to them or aren’t sure about how they go around taking advantage of them.

“Platforms, such as fibodo, help employees enjoy a good work / life balance and bypass the issue of people not understanding what their employers are doing for them.” Simon Hawtrey-Woore, Director at fibodo for business

Simon Hawtrey-Woore, Director at fibodo for business, a UK-based social and health online platform, explained “fibodo visits companies every day and hears the same thing – businesses have made the investment into health and well-being opportunities for staff only to see the initiatives fail simply because employees don’t know – or know enough – about what has been put in place for them. This is a waste of both money and opportunity; we all know that engaged people make great employees but we also know that budget is precious so needs to return results. Consequently, businesses are stuck in a holding position of investing in the right initiatives but failing to enjoy the returns because there is a single point of failure.”

Technology is the key to bypassing this conundrum; Hawtrey-Woore added “At fibodo for business we have taken the step of creating a bespoke business platform, making it easy for employees to find and book a range of activities. The usual model is that the employer underwrites the platform but staff can use it to access work activities as well as social ones with family and friends outside the office for no additional cost.”

“We are passionate about seeing Brand X’s people enjoy a good work / life balance as we know this, ultimately, serves us well as employers too. Today’s employees are largely technically very savvy and this is set to increase – therefore it makes sense to move to digital solutions, especially when trying to engage with large amounts of people.”