It’s not a digital revolution, we are a digital society!

We live in a material world, a society where consuming is as easy as pushing a button. we can pretty much find, buy and do everything online and whilst mobile. Through widely available and easily adopted open technology you can book a holiday on a bus, send money via text message, book cinema tickets in 2 clicks and order a taxi within minutes of your location. It’s online, it’s mobile and it’s all about now. We are not involved in a ‘digital revolution’ anymore, we are part of a digital society.

A recent survey confirmed only 5% of sporting activities are booked online, it’s crazy to think about the opportunities that are being missed. The majority of consumers are now digital, so it is simply about being a part of this community, contributing, helping to build and shape it, acting with, not dictating against.

It’s not a digital revolution, we are a digital society

We are a mobile nation; In fact, during a recent sports initiative over 70% of searches were made by phone or tablet. The biggest increase in internet use is cited among 16-24 year olds, almost tripling from 10 hours and 24 minutes each week in 2005 to 27 hours and 36 minutes by the end of 2014. Over 3 hours per day. Online shopping is now a default – total online sales were forecast to reach £52.25 billion in 2015, vs £44.97 billion in 2014.

The number of cash transactions will drop to just under 13 billion by 2023, while the number of cashless transactions – including cheques, credit cards, debit cards, contactless cards, direct debits, and standing orders – will rise to over 27 billion.

To get Britain active we need not look any further than the world we already live in, using the tools and infrastructure we have at hand to embrace our digital society.

Anthony Franklin, Founder